During her career as a professional photographer, Vicki was privileged to take portraits of six U.S. Presidents, three California governors, a variety of politicians and film industry celebrities, and over 2,500 wedding couples. Using her experiences from wedding day events, Vicki wrote and published her first book, "The Groom's Guide - Almost Everything A Man Needs To Know".

           Vicki's camera has been a part of her travels in the U.S. and overseas. Her art prints have been exhibited in various venues, including the U.S. Capitol Rotunda. A selection of the images are available for sale in wall print sizes and are exhibited on the Gallery page of this website.

          In 2013 Vicki started research for a biography of Frank A. Vanderlip, architect of the founding of the Federal Reserve System, president in the early 20th century of what is now Citibank, and the founder of several communities across the country. She is now recognized as the leading authority on his life and his contribution to the economic history of America. The result of her effort is the book "Frank A. Vanderlip - The Banker Who Changed America."

          The story she discovered is so relevant to modern times that it is now becoming a documentary for television, titled "Money Man - Frank Vanderlip and the Founding of the Federal Reserve", completed in the fall of 2015.

          As a lecturer, Vicki has spoken to audiences across the country on aspects of Frank Vanderlip's life, including the Federal Reserve, World War I, and his contruction of towns in California and New York. She has also given talks on other aspects of history relating to the early 20th century. Lecture locations include:

          .  The Museum Of American Finance, Wall Street, New York, New York

Vicki Mack is a photographer who has taken portraits of six U.S. Presidents and exhibited her art pieces in many venues, the author of several non-fiction published books, a lecturer on various historical topics, a producer of historical documentaries, and the world's authority on Federal Reserve founder Frank A. Vanderlip.

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Vicki Mack speaking at the Museum of American Finance, 52 Wall St., New York

.  The Bloomberg Report

.  Union League Club, Chicago, Illinois

.  Jug Tavern Historical Society, Sparta, New York

. 75th Anniversary Lecture Series, Palos Verdes Estates, California

.  Aurora Historical Society, Aurora, Illinois

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